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Skilllinx online training offers the latest and most in-demand courses across industry verticals and trains you to master these skills for a successful career. A fine-tuned combination of highly skilled and professional trainers and well-designed programs for all your needs ensures that your career goals will be more achievable than ever!

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Data Science

We have all come across the quote “Data is the new oil”. Market trends and experts have frequently echoed this statement with gusto

Digital Marketing

The marketing landscape has witnessed a drastic shift from the traditional modes to digital marketing.


DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations


Tableau is an immensely popular and powerful software used in the Business intelligence industry


Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991

Sales Force

The digital marketing wave has made Salesforce- CRM products an in-demand tool across various industries


Want To Upgrade Your IT Skills?

Whether you wish to learn a new skill or upgrade one, Skilllinx provides precisely what you need for phenomenal career growth. Our efficient and dedicated trainers will help you stay ahead of the curve and secure your job through training in the latest trending technologies.


“SkillLinx online training encouraged me to get more proactive with my learning. I engaged with the material, took better notes, and staggered the classes to fit in with my busy schedule at Amazon ”


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About Us 

Skill Linx is the ultimate online training platform that helps you achieve your career goals and have a long and successful career in the digital realm. We offer a wide array of tailor-made courses that are designed to suit individual needs and to accelerate career growth in a rapidly transforming digital and technological arena. Skill Linx provides training to people across all walks of life, regardless of educational or professional background; we train students and freshers to kickstart a promising career and increase job prospects while we assist professionals to upgrade their skills to boost their career. In a rapidly changing world of business, it is imperative that professionals upgrade their skills and get accustomed to new technology to not only stay relevant but also succeed and thrive in their field. We excel at nurturing talent through a wide range of courses like Corporate training, Salesforce, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Tableau, and more by our trainers who are some of the most qualified and experienced industry experts.


Digital Marketing

Data Science



Salesforce Admin and Development

Machine Learning

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